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For all the friends of the Scott Walker's music:

This is collection of lyrics written or sung by Noel Scott Engel (aka Scott Walker) and The Walker Brothers. The non-WB solo work of John Maus (aka John Walker) or Gary Leeds (aka Gary Walker) is not presented here.

If you have lyrics that you think should be presented here, send me email through feedback page.

I warmly welcome all comments and wishes about the site.

Site History:

I started to collect Scott Walker lyrics at 1998 for my own use but my collection soon grew and I started to publish them on web as "the Scott Walker Lyrics Archive". The site was online until February 2002 when in Finland there was some legal cases concerning copyright violations against some websites that published lyrics of pop records and I thought it was better to see how the legal matters would turn out and I took the site offline. Soon I changed my ISP and decided to put the lyrics into a SQL database. The new site was delayed and I couldn't start it up until July 2004 when this site was born. At June 2005 I added some of the missing lyrics, tidied up the site a little, repaired the guestbook and added the site graphics you see on the top of the page.

Still missing: Liner notes, pictures of record sleeves, audio samples, lyrics for some rare singles and some WB songs (If You Could hear Me Now & singles).

For links to audio samples, you should visit this site.

I want to thank all the persons who have contributed any lyrics I have put on this site. There's too many sources to remember, but please, don't be offended if I have used material that you've written down from Scott's recordings. Without you this site would not exist.

Here's a list of contributors (not in any particular order): Lynne, Toyoko, Yoko, Eero, Michael, Machiko, Yoshio (Jayload), Andy, Peter, Paul, Robert, Sandra, Zozo, Per-Christian, Eurydice, Richard, Martin, Damian, Guy, David, Bob, Roisin, Markku and others.

All the Best
Timi Hagelberg

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